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Management Principles, Company Credos, Company Motto

Management Principles

Train with Discipline Today for Promised Growth Tomorrow

Contribution to Society through Monozukuri
The concept of monozukuri embodies the very essence of the ideals of all Japanese manufacturers and symbolizes the spirit and pride of any conscientious, punctilious craftsperson. As members of a company founded solidly on the idea, we find our work both worthwhile and rewarding and spend each day with a sense of gratitude, pondering what monozukuri is about, trying out what it has to offer, and putting it to practice, all the while striving to be a company deserving of our customers.
High Regard for the Power of Endurance
A step ahead from yesterday, a step ahead from today, and a step ahead from tomorrow -- a succession of efforts, however imperceptible, is the foundation of our company. A small disciplined effort made from one day to another will soon take shape, in the form of progress a month later and of accomplishment, say, half a year later.
Transcend Oneself
Always stay aware of another you. Think of how you may transcend yourself, and exert yourself so that you may move beyond your limitations.
Endeavor, and you shall be rewarded by consummation.
Remain complacent, and you shall see no accolades.
Absence of consummation is but the absence of man's will to endeavor.
-- Uesugi Yozan

Company Credos

Candor, Challenge and Partnership

Company Motto

Back to basics, Practicality and innovation, Taking on challenges for creativity.

Corporate Mission (concord of three tenets)

1)Society-oriented Tenet
Customer first
We will do our best at all times to meet the needs of our customers in terms of quality, delivery, and price.
2)Science-oriented Tenet
Low cost, Diverse-yet-small lot, and Short-leadtime production
We shall foster an environment in which employees versed in monozukuri are nurtured and state-of-the-art production facilities are introduced, thus bringing forth a high-efficiency monozukuri system.
3)Humanity-based Tenet
Right-person-in-the-right place personnel assignment, Happiness Intrinsically Bound to that of Others
Each member is a lead player of the workplace. We offer a place where each may cultivate his or her own skill as a professional of monozukuri and perform their expected role, with every single effort turning into a source of personal growth.

Company Profile

Kyowa Press Industry, Co., Ltd.
Shogo Nomura, CEO
345-7 Nagatanaka, Kinokawa-shi, Wakayama
Date of foundation
December 1, 1963
Date of operations
June 1, 1964
Factory area
4,659 m2
Building area
1,980 m2
Number of employees,
55 (45 full time, 10 part time)
Banking affiliations
Shoko Chukin Bank (Wakayama branch)
Kiyo Bank (Kokawa branch)
Nanto Bank (Kokawa branch)
Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ (Wakayama branch)
Sales volume
¥870,000,000 (approx., FY2008)
Products and Operations
Precision sheet metal processing, Press working (from pre-production to full-production items)
Industrial air conditioner sheet metal, Press-finished parts
Machining tool cover sheet metal parts
Communications equipment precision sheet metal, Press-finished parts
Ultra-thin plate NC press-finished items (processed plates as thin as 0.05 mm)

Our products are processed at a factory certified under ISO9001:2008.
Client companies
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems Works)
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Communication Networks Center)
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Fukuyama Works)
Ryowa Corporation
Hishioka Industry Corporation
Meiwa Co., Ltd.
Arai Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Tanaka Electrical Industries, Ltd.